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New Executive Council    |    Call for Editor-in-Chief for European Radiology    |    ECR 2017 debriefing    |    Accreditation Council in Imaging (ACI)  |  EU Affairs    |    Radiation Protection    |    MEDIRAD    |    DIAM project first results
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New Executive Council    |    Call for Editor-in-Chief for European Radiology    |    ECR 2017 debriefing    |    Accreditation Council in Imaging (ACI)
New Executive Council

At the ESR General Assembly at ECR 2017, Prof. Paul M. Parizel took on the position of Chair of the ESR Board of Directors. This is the top position within the ESR and he is now in charge of the ongoing business of the society, including leadership meetings and strategic decisions. At the same event, Prof. Bernd Hamm took on the position of ESR President. He will be heading the congress and promoting and presenting the ESR and the ECR at other societies' events. The full composition of the new ESR Board of Directors and the ESR Executive Council can be found here.

Call for Editor-in-Chief for European Radiology

The ESR Board of Directors wishes to identify the new Editor-in-Chief for European Radiology by June 2017, to facilitate a gradual handover of responsibilities during the latter part of 2017. The post is open to established professionals from radiology, working in a renowned institution. If you are interested, or know of interested colleagues, please see detailed information here.

ECR 2017 debriefing

As always on the occasion of the ECR, the ESR leadership met numerous international and inter-professional collaboration partners in order to discuss matters of common interest and pave the way for joint future projects in terms of education, professional issues and initiatives for the young generation. Apart from committee, subcommittee and working group meetings, approximately 30 bilateral meetings were held during ECR 2017. Besides the conclusion of a practical arrangement with the IAEA on cooperation in the area of diagnostic radiology, including hybrid imaging, which represents a milestone in the ESR’s engagement with international organisations, the ESR renewed its Memoranda of Understanding with the American College of Radiology, the Colombian Association of Radiology, and the Korean Society of Radiology for another two years each.

In line with the ESR's increased commitment to radiographers and given the steady rise in the number of radiographers attending the ECR, the ESR Board of Directors met with over 100 leading radiographers from numerous, mainly European, national radiographer societies as well as radiography training institutions from around Europe to further promote the ECR as the place to be for all radiographers.

Accreditation Council in Imaging (ACI)

Prof. Paolo Ricci, President of the UEMS Section of Radiology, took on the position of the ACI Scientific Director on March 6, 2017. According to the EBR-UEMS agreement, candidates from the EBR and from the UEMS should take the position of the ACI scientific director on an alternate basis. To see the full composition of the ACI committees, click here.

The revised EACCME® criteria (EACCME® 2.0 project) for the accreditation of Live Educational Events (PDF) have been implemented on March 6, 2017 and adopted by the ACI. Further information on the implementation of the new criteria for the accreditation of e-learning materials as well as the new forms of CME-CPD recognition will be available soon! Stay tuned!
EU Affairs    |    Radiation Protection    |    MEDIRAD    |    DIAM project first results
EU Affairs

The ESR's education, quality and safety initiatives were again front and centre at ECR 2017. Read the EU Affairs Department's March 2017 update here.

Radiation Protection

EuroSafe Imaging, the ESR’s flagship initiative to strengthen quality and safety in medical imaging, enjoyed a great presence at the recent European Congress of Radiology 2017, raising awareness and promoting radiation protection among congress attendees. The highlight was clearly the new EuroSafe Imaging Café with an information booth, which was a very popular spot for networking and learning about the ESR’s quality and safety initiative.

EuroSafe Imaging still has plenty in store for you from the ECR: browse through the electronic EuroSafe Imaging poster exhibition and watch dedicated sessions to find out more about radiation protection, or read our full report on ECR 2017 here.


The MEDIRAD project on implications of medical low dose radiation exposure submitted to the Horizon 2020 EURATOM work programme was evaluated favourably by the European Commission and invited to grant preparation (grant amount approx. 10 million euros). This large-scale medical research and innovation project will be coordinated by the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR). The ESR, together with the EANM, EFOMP, EFRS, and ESTRO, as well as EURAMED, provided strategic guidance and input to the development of the proposal. Prof. Guy Frija, Chair of EuroSafe Imaging, acts as Clinical Coordinator and Prof. Elisabeth Cardis, radiation epidemiologist and Head of Radiation Programme at ISGlobal, is Scientific Coordinator of the project.

DIAM project first results

Last year HIMSS Analytics Europe and the ESR launched a jointly developed Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM) for measuring the maturity of IT supported processes in diagnostic and interventional imaging. The initial results of the project were presented at ECR 2017 and participants shared their experiences of using the DIAM and the practical benefits of the project. Click here to read more.
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