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Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors

As Chair of the ESR Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to provide you with a short update of our society’s ongoing activities since ECR 2017. Our Board of Directors held its first meeting of the current working year at the beginning of April. An important item on the agenda was to follow up matters resulting from the leadership meetings with our member and partner societies, which were held during ECR 2017. The next meetings of the ESR Board of Directors and the Executive Council are scheduled for the beginning of June in Salzburg, Austria. 

To read all about what we have been up to, please click here!

European Radiology Experimental - open for submissions

Don’t forget that our new journal, European Radiology Experimental, is open for submissions! Click here to submit your articles and go on to find out more about the aims and scope of the journal!
Latvia’s Adaptation of the ESR European Training Curriculum for Radiology

Dr. Atis Svare, Chair of the ESR RTF Subcommittee, explains how the Latvian Radiology Training Curriculum was adapted to the ESR Training Curriculum for Radiology. By presenting and explaining the adaptation process, Dr. Svare wishes to reach out to other national societies and encourage them to follow Latvia’s example.

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EBR: 20% discount for training institutions!

The EBR is happy to announce a 20% discount to all training institutions which acquire five or more EDiR examination seats!
All heads of department and institutional representatives interested in receiving further information can contact Violeta Iranzo, Executive Manager of the EBR.

To read more about the EDiR, click here!
EU Affairs

Read this month’s EU Affairs update on the EU’s new regulation on medical devices, the ESR’s paper on the General Data Protection Regulation, and the latest on the ESR’s work with patients.

Radiation Protection

EuroSafe Imaging is pleased to collaborate with other continental radiation protection campaigns, as for example, AFROSAFE and calls for the use of new concepts and technologies to promote radiation protection in Africa. Read more here.

Benefits of the Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM)

Imaging departments will have a number of benefits from a DIAM assessment. All participating departments receive individual reports highlighting current gaps, recommendations for improvement of the current IT system, as well as information on regional and international benchmarks. These insights can be used for individual planning, internal and external purposes.
The standard assessment includes the DIAM score and gap report, and is completely free of charge. Read more here!
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