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Rising Stars@ECR 2017    |    Best Scientific Paper and Cases of the Day Quiz Winners    |    ECR 2018
Rising Stars@ECR 2017

This year’s congress focused on the next generation of radiologists, attracting young people from 59 countries all over the world!

The extensive educational programme for Rising Stars can be watched on ECR Online here. The best photos from ECR 2017 are available here, take a look and tag your friends!

Best Scientific Paper and Cases of the Day Quiz Winners

Click here to see whose scientific papers were deemed the best at ECR 2017 and to view the 'Cases of the Day Quiz Winners'.

ECR 2018

The ESR is already looking forward to its next annual meeting, which will take place from February 28 to March 4, 2018, in Vienna.
Read the exclusive interview with the ESR President here and view the timeline for next year's ECR here!
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European Radiology Experimental    |    EuroSafe Imaging
European Radiology Experimental

Submit to European Radiology Experimental: our new journal is now open for submissions! Submit your articles at

More information on aims and scope of the journal, author instructions, and more is available on our website!

EuroSafe Imaging

EuroSafe Imaging is the ESR's initiative to support and strengthen medical radiation protection across Europe. Among others, the initiative aims at promoting appropriateness in radiological imaging, including image quality. The goal should be to choose an image quality that is good enough for the diagnostic task at hand, at a radiation exposure that is as low as reasonably achievable.
Learn more about appropriate image quality: read an article and listen to a session from ECR 2017, or check out a poster on EuroSafe Imaging's activities related to this topic.
ESOR Courses    |    EDiR
ESOR Courses

ESOR GALEN Advanced Course on Contrast Media for Better Diagnostic Accuracy, May 11-12, 2017; Valencia/Spain
This course is aimed at senior residents, board-certified radiologists and fellows interested in contrast enhanced radiological studies, including US, CT and MR imaging. The course will strengthen the importance of contrast enhancement and the benefit of contrast media usage in diagnostic imaging procedures across all indications that require contrast enhancement to achieve the highest diagnostic confidence. To have a look at the full programme and register click here.

ESOR ASKLEPIOS Multimodality Course, September 1-2, 2017; Split/Croatia
The course is aimed at final-year residents, general radiologists and general practitioners who want to update their knowledge on new applications and optimised protocols in diagnostic imaging. The course offers the unique opportunity to evaluate some of the latest technological advances for state-of-the-art MRI and CT in day-to-day practice and to enhance professional knowledge of current imaging options for a number of clinical conditions. Please click here for more information.


Take the European Diploma in Radiology within the frame of RÖNTGENVECKAN 2017, Linköping (September 11) - online application is now open at Limited number of places.

EDiR in Istanbul, November 11, 2017 
EDiR in Paris, December 4, 2017 
Online application open from May 2 at
Prostate cancer    |    Radiation protection    |    Multiple myeloma    |    MRI targeted prostate biopsies    |    Breast cancer
Prostate cancer

The goal of this study is to differentiate prostate cancer lesions with high and low Gleason score by diffusion-weighted-MRI. Read more here. (Eur Radiol.)

Radiation protection

The Medical Strategic Research Agenda (Medical SRA) was developed by five medical societies in an attempt to jointly improve medical radiation protection through sustainable research efforts. Find out more about it here. (Insights Imaging)

Multiple myeloma

The objective of the consensus statement by the International Myeloma Working Group is to provide recommendations for the use of 18fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG) PET/CT in patients with multiple myeloma and other plasma cell disorders. Read more here. (Lancet)

MRI targeted prostate biopsies

This study evaluates if and which of the three available magnetic resonance imaging-guided biopsies (MRI-GB) have higher detection rates of (clinically significant) prostate cancer (PCa) compared with transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy (TRUS-GB). Read more here. (Eur Urol.)

Breast cancer

The impact of breast MRI on the treatment plan of selected cases of breast cancer (invasive cancer and DCIS) was examined and evaluated in this study. Find out more here. (Breast)
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