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Happy New Year and welcome to the Education on Demand Premium newsletter! We hope your 2020 is off to a great start. Your subscription for Education on Demand Premium includes a monthly newsletter. This service should help you to become familiar with the different functionalities of the platform and will introduce the highlighted courses of the month.
Tips for users
Have you wondered what the 'group' function in Education on Demand is for? This function within our platform allows you to assign a selection of courses to your home section. If you click on 'Join Group' and enter the respective group key, all the courses of the group will automatically be assigned to your home section.

Care to give it a try? Assign the highlighted courses of this month with just two quick steps and enter the following group key: HC012020

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Courses of the month
Intra-ventricular Lesions (337)

Test your knowledge on cardiac valves and check out what our ambitious ESOR scholars have contributed to Education on Demand!

Haemoptysis (778)

Watch this lecture with our new intro design and learn about imaging features of acute colonic diverticulitis.

ESOR for EDiR Webinars: Chest Imaging (part 1) - 2014 (106A)

Even if you are not applying for the EDiR, this basic course helps you to refresh your knowledge on lung infections in the immunocompromised host and airways diseases

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