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COVID-19 & chest imaging ESR Star
COVID-19 patients and the radiology department – advice from the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and the European Society of Thoracic Imaging (ESTI)

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) and the European Society of Thoracic Imaging (ESTI) joined to provide a singular document encompassing the main imaging features of COVID-19 and highlight the crucial role of chest CT in the early diagnosis of the disease.

Published April 20, 2020

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The Radiology Department during the COVID-19 pandemic: a challenging, radical change

In this Letter to the Editor, two radiologists from Milan share their experience of tackling the COVID-19 outbreak and give an extensive overview of the steps their department took in order to cope with the pandemic.

Published April 21, 2020

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Letter to the Editor: AI lends itself to the war of COVID-19

To deal with the issue of (in)accessibility of personal protective equipment, Wang et al urge the authorities to consider using AI chest scanning system and thus reduce the contact between radiologists and COVID-19 patients.

Published April 21, 2020

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Thoracic abnormal air collections in patients in the intensive care unit: radiograph findings correlated with CT

This article reviews the anatomy of the potential spaces in the chest where abnormal air can collect, explains typical imaging findings, and describes the distinguishing features of conditions that require a differential diagnosis.

Published March 12, 2020

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Deep learning detection and quantification of pneumothorax in heterogeneous routine chest computed tomography

This article outlines a deep learning algorithm for pneumothorax detection and quantification that can be used for the automated triage of urgent examinations and enable treatment decision support.

Published April 17, 2020

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Education on Demand free course: COVID-19 pneumonia

This video-based course on COVID-19 offers not only basic knowledge on this topic, but also an overview of the current imaging guidelines.

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COVID-19 case reports on Eurorad

The largest peer-reviewed radiological teaching case database offers a selection of COVID-19 cases to further teach others and train yourself!

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Radiation protection ESR Star
Harmonisation of imaging dosimetry in clinical practice: practical approaches and guidance from the ESR EuroSafe Imaging initiative

Responding to the European Directive 2013/59/Euratom on basic safety standards for protection against ionising radiation, the ESR created a working group to support radiology departments in interpreting the Directive and suggest pragmatic approaches for implementation of it.

Published online March 30, 2020

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More highlights ESR Star
7-T clinical MRI of the shoulder in patients with suspected lesions of the rotator cuff

This study is the first ever research of the 7-T clinical MRI of the shoulder and it proves the feasibility of 7-T MRI of the shoulder with diagnostic image quality, paving the way for its implementation.

Published February 7, 2020

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Women in Focus: advice from the front lines on how to enable well-being and build resilience

As a continuation of ECR 2019’s “Women in Focus: Be Inspired” program, this article expands on the main ideas from the sessions and reinforces the encouraging messages of the expert speakers.

Published March 30, 2020

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PRIMAGE project: predictive in silico multiscale analytics to support childhood cancer

A product of a four-year project, PRIMAGE is an ambitious project dealing with medical imaging, AI, and cancer treatment in children that will result in an open-cloud platform for decision support.

Published April 3, 2020

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