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ECR 2018 in review

New record for ECR 2018: a total of 28,474 participants! Click here to see the countries attendance statistics.
ECR Today: read all about scientific highlights at ECR 2018, innovations in research and technology, interviews with ESR luminaries and ECR delegates, and much more here.
ECR Online: watch more than 3,000 lectures completely free of charge! Click here to read the concluding ECR 2018 press release.

New ESR Executive Council members

During the ESR General Assembly at ECR 2018, Prof. Bernd Hamm began his position as Chair of the ESR Board of Directors. In this highest position within the ESR, he will be in charge of all ongoing society business, including leadership meetings and strategic decision-making processes.
Prof. Lorenzo E. Derchi began his role as ESR President and will be responsible for the planning of ECR 2019, as well as promoting and representing the ESR and ECR at other societies' events.
In addition, the General Assembly saw Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger assume the position of ESR 2nd Vice-President and Prof. Carlo Catalano the position of ESR Education Committee Chair.

The full composition of the new ESR Board of Directors and the ESR Executive Council is available here.

Memorandum of Understanding ESR and ESTRO

The ESR is delighted to announce that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology (ESTRO) was renewed in February. The ESR is also looking forward to playing its part at ESTRO 37, where the societies will be hosting a joint session and the ESR will have a stand. See you there!

Summary of the proceedings of the International Forum 2017

The ESR is happy to announce the publication of the paper, 'Summary of the proceedings of the International Forum 2017: “Position of interventional radiology within radiology”' in Insights into Imaging. It was prepared by Prof. Boris Brkljačić, at the time Chairman of the ESR Communication and External Affairs Committee and currently ESR 1st Vice-President, based on the presentations held at the ESR International Forum 2017. Click here to access the full paper.

ECR 2019 Timeline and poster design

Click here to check out the ECR Timeline and the poster design for ECR 2019!
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EDiR Scientific Board

The European Board of Radiology is pleased to inform you about the new composition of the EDiR Scientific Board: J. Babar (Written Evaluation Committee Chair), O. Dicle (Standards Committee Chair), H.J. Lamb (UEMS Representative) and F. Sáez (Clinically Oriented Reasoning Evaluation Committee Chair).
Prof. Laura Oleaga was appointed new EDiR Scientific Director.

ETAP 2.0. Launch

The new ETAP 2.0, a joint initiative of the European Board of Radiology (EBR) and the UEMS Radiology Section, was successfully launched at ECR 2018. ETAP is a certificate of excellence for radiology training departments in Europe and beyond. Its certification process is performed virtually through its new platform.
Be a trend setter in radiology training and apply here for ETAP or contact the EBR Office for more information.

ESOR announces new Scientific/Educational Director

The European School of Radiology (ESOR) has a new Scientific and Educational Director: Prof. Valérie Vilgrain, head of the Imaging Department at Beaujon University Hospital in Paris.
Prof. Vilgrain is setting out to modernise the school's educational offerings by combining web-based tools and face-to-face interactive courses, maintaining ESOR's role as an ambassador for the ESR by reaching out to areas of the world that do not have access to top-quality education.

20% discount in EDiR examination fees for groups

Hospitals and heads of departments wishing to register their final year residents will benefit from a 20% discount on the examination fee.
The next EDiR exam is taking place on July 3 and 4 in Barcelona and applications are already open! For more information, get in touch with the EBR office.

Interested in how heads of department encourage their final year residents to take the EDiR? Read about it in this article published in ECR Today!

EuroSafe Imaging at ECR 2018

EuroSafe Imaging, the ESR’s initiative to strengthen medical radiation protection, enjoyed a great presence at the recent European Congress of Radiology 2018. Check out what EuroSafe Imaging has in store for you from the ECR: browse through the electronic poster exhibition, watch dedicated sessions to find out more about radiation protection, or read our full report on ECR 2018 here.

Revisit the ECR 2018 highlights on eHealth, patients, value-based radiology and clinical decision support!

The ECR is not only the most important scientific get together in European radiology, it is also the place where professional, political, and technological issues are discussed amongst radiologists, health professionals, and policy makers - and the most important stakeholder of all: the patient! Revisit some of our ECR 2018 highlights here.

Digital Imaging Adoption Model (DIAM)

ECR 2018 was very successful for the DIAM project as many activities were discussed and scheduled for the upcoming year. In addition, the DIAM Coffee and Talk session attracted attendees from all over the world. One of the speakers was Mr. Mosa Al Mutairi, the representative from the first DIAM Stage 6 hospital in the world, the KAMC hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He provided practical examples of how imaging IT affects all processes in the hospital and encouraged attendees to join and benefit from the project. Read more about it here.
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