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Message from the Chairman of the ESR Board of Directors

Dear ESR Member, Dear Colleague, Dear Friend,

As Chairman of the ESR Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to provide you with a short update of our society’s ongoing activities since ECR 2018. Our congress reached a new record attendance, for which I would like to sincerely thank you all and which shows that we are on the right track in further enhancing interdisciplinarity. In addition to continuing with what has proved successful, we have started working on new endeavours for our society right after ECR closed.

Read more here.

New ESR Executive Council member

The ESR is happy to welcome Prof. Nikoleta Traykova from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, as a new member of the Executive Council. Prof. Traykova has been appointed as Chairwoman of the ESR Communication and External Affairs Committee, succeeding Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger, who had to step back from this position as he assumed the office of ESR 2nd Vice-President.
The full composition of the ESR Executive Council is available here.

ESR Support Initiative

The ESR is happy to announce that Georgia, represented by the Georgian Association of Radiologists, will be ESR Support Initiative country from March 2019 to 2020. Georgia is the fifth country to benefit from our social responsibility project and follows Armenia, which is the current beneficiary. For further information click here.

New website Section of Radiology of the UEMS

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) has granted the layout, hosting and maintenance of the new website of the Section of Radiology of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). The website has been launched, featuring a more attractive and user friendly layout. The President of the Section, Prof. Paolo Ricci, and all national delegates wish to thank the ESR for this very generous contribution.

ESR event at the European Parliament

Join the ESR event at the European Parliament in Brussels on June 6 and explore how research, innovation and technology in healthcare and radiology can improve patient outcomes. View the programme and register here.

European Study on Clinical Diagnostic Reference Levels for X-ray Medical Imaging (EUCLID)

The EUCLID project led by the ESR aims at advancing the optimisation of radiation protection of patients in Europe. The ESR is pleased to present the EUCLID report and review on existing clinical DRLs, as well as the final list of clinical indications for which DRLs will be established. Both documents are available here.

"Matrix in Vision" – Exclusive Research Opportunity Awarded to Radiology

Establishment of a Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) for Radiology at the Charité (spokesperson: Prof. B. Hamm)

A new Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) has been established in the Department of Radiology, Charité, Berlin, Germany by the German Research Foundation (DFG). CRCs are highly competitive and among the best funded grants available from the German Research Foundation. They allow researchers to tackle innovative, challenging, complex and long-term research undertakings through the coordination and concentration of individuals and resources.

The CRC 1340 titled, “Matrix in Vision” focuses on the question of how pathological changes of the extracellular matrix can be visualized by techniques available in Diagnostic Radiology. The gained knowledge could contribute to the early detection of diseases and the guidance of therapies. The proposed CRC combines, for the first time, biological molecular methods in radiology with new biophysical insights (e.g. MR elastography) into the role of mechanical tissue parameters in the development of disease. This CRC is based on the cooperation of basic and clinical researchers. To read the full report click here.
ETAP 2.0

The new ETAP 2.0, a joint initiative of the European Board of Radiology (EBR) and the UEMS Radiology Section, is a certificate of excellence for radiology training departments in Europe and beyond. Its certification process is performed virtually through its new platform.

Be a trend setter in radiology training and apply here for ETAP or contact the EBR Office for more information.

European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) at ECR 2019

ECR 2019 will be the 25th to take place in Vienna, and to celebrate this very special anniversary, all EDiR candidates who successfully pass an examination in 2018 and submit an abstract for ECR 2019 can attend the meeting free of charge. Find more information here.

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